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Named after Dr Seuss' remarkable non newtonian fluid.

Oobleck are a collaborative jazz, funk, band based in Derby, UK.

Conceived by musician, composer and producer Jason Marshall.

Oobleck are a fun and enjoyable band, with excellent musicianship and amazing tunes.

​Each member brings thier own unique flavour and influence to the music.

 Martyn Blair and Richard Belfitt have both taken on writing roles, the resulting heady cocktail is Oobleck.

You can expect a fusion of funk, soul, gospel, rock, blues and more.

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Jason Marshall 

Band Leader, Composer, Guitar

Jason grew up in a musical family, his earliest performance was singing at a folk club with his brother aged 4 or 5

He had his first guitar lesson aged 8 but didn't keep it up for long, he started playing drums at 16 and then revisited the guitar in he late teens.

Jason studied guitar and performance at the prestigious ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford and went on to study at Derby University for a BA hons degree in popular music and music technology.

Jason has played all over he UK an has many opportunities to travel overseas. 

His passion is music, he loves to encourage and empower people to fulfil their potential.

Martyn Blair

Bass, Composer

Martyn has been playing guitar and bass for over 20 years. Starting on the guitar at the age of 15 primarily playing rock music, but quickly became interested in playing other styles of music such as jazz and classical guitar.   

He then moved on to study music at college and audio engineering at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.

A well as playing Martyn has spent over ten years working in musical instrument retail in Derby and in London.   

He currently teaches guitar and bass at the Forte music academy. Teaching absolute beginners up to advanced students. 

Martyn has played in bands from the age of sixteen, playing all over the country. As well as playing bass for Oobleck he also plays guitar for wedding and  function bands and an indie rock band (The Panama Scots).

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Ben Glover

Drums, Studio Production

Ben has been playing music since the age of 10, beginning his musical journey on guitar, with drums being taken up a few years later. Growing up in a family of very talented musicians, Ben quickly gained exposure to various genres of music, and developed a keen interest in studying jazz and funk styles when he joined the East Midlands Jazz Orchestra in 2008; his studies later took him to the University of Derby in 2012, where he gained a First-Class Honours degree in Popular Music With Music Technology – meeting Oobleck’s founding member and guitarist Jason in the process! Ben now works as a freelance musician and educator, teaching at various schools and music academies, and also performing regularly at many live events across the United Kingdom.

Richard Belfitt

Guitar, Synth, Composer 

Richard was brought up by a folk multi-instrumentalist Granddad; his Dad worked as a rock DJ and his Step-Dad is an avid Northern-Souler. All of whom influenced Richard's eclectic taste and hunger for new music. He began learning to play the guitar at the age of 13 after realising the clarinet was not the instrument for him. He was taught to play guitar by local blues guitarist Stan Marshall who gave Richard a firm foundation in the musical language and expression of the blues. While under Stan's tuition Richard also developed a love for funk and the music of George Clinton, Prince and James Brown. At this time Richard played in several bands with funk, blues and rock influences, playing at local venues and festivals. Richard went on to study music at the University of Derby in 2001 studying under Jan Kopinski and Fred Baker. He has, more recently, composed music for a number of independent films as well as collaborating on various Jazz, dance and experimental musical projects.

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Gemma Bower

Saxophone, Vocals

Gemma started playing flute at age 9, sax at 11 and clarinet at 15.

Gemma completed a BA hons Degree at Keele University, coming from a musical family she naturally gravitated towards music and performance

Gemma has Benn involved with numerous tours around Europe, visiting France, Holland, Belgium. and a whole heap of festivals. Her most favourite were Y Not (with Great Scott) and Glastonbudget with Lady and the Tramp where we played for approx 3 thousand people and Gemma has  been featured Radio 1.

Gemma earned her stripes playing reed instruments in the orchestral pit, some highlights include The Wizard of Oz, Return to Forbidden Planet and Sweeney Todd. Fun Fact..if Gemma really likes the show she will make a custom pair of shoes to wear for it all week.

Gemma loves cats.  

Dom Scohy

Keyboards, Composition

Dom was born in Brussels in Belgium.

Dom grew up in family of musicians as his mother was an opera singer who did an international career.

He started touching keys at the age of 3 and learned music theory early.

He studied 10 years in the class of Pierre Thomas in the Royal academy of Auderghem in Brussels. 

He pass a diploma in music theory, history of music, solfeggio and harmony before joining the Royal conservatoire of Brussels in classical piano performance.


Though classically trained, Dom has always loved Jazz and Funk, he brings a unique flavour to Oobleck along side a penchant for comedy.

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Eloise Oates-Lidar

Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Eloise started playing trumpet at seven years old and expressed an interest in Jazz at the age of fourteen, playing in Derby and Burton Big Bands. Eloise had her first professional recording in 2009 when she composed for a Balfour Beatty safety campaign. In 2013, Eloise jetted off to America to perform in the "Hot House Screaming Kicks" Big band at the JEN (Jazz Education Network) conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Eloise has composed with, Jazz Pianist and Broadcaster, Julian Joseph who noticed Eloise's aptitude for creating and hearing melodies. In her final year at university, Eloise became the Musical Director of the Leeds College of Music Student Union Big Band and subsequently helped lead a tour to Amsterdam. She has performed at Love Supreme Festival and Manchester Jazz Festival. Having recently graduated from Leeds College of Music with a BA Hons degree in Jazz, she is currently composing and performing regularly in a range of Afrobeat, Funk and Jazz bands in Sheffield and Derby as well as teaching.

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